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About Mariah...

     Mariah Nadine McCormick has been involved in theater arts nearly her entire life, and has always been drawn to being creative. Being home schooled gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in creativity and she was able to develop skills in many handicrafts such as, but not limited to, crochet, tatting, drawing, woodworking, viking wire knitting and calligraphy. 


     After discovering costuming through her perusal of dancing and performance, she was drawn to it and studied under Mela Hoyt-Heydon at Fullerton College before moving abroad to continue her study at the University of the Arts London. In addition to her studies there she was also fortunate enough to intern with The Lion King of the West End and work for Jane “The Hat” Smith (By appointment to H.R. Queen Elizabeth II). Upon graduating she moved to New York, New York where within a week of her arrival Paper Mill Playhouse hired her. Since then she has worked on several Broadway shows (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Something Rotten, Allegiance, and more) as well as working with Live Nation Entertainment on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour.


     Mariah strives to continue to improve her work as well as teach herself new skills, and is always excited for learning opportunities. She works well as part of a costume shop, and has experience in both leading and following. She is also perfectly content to work on her own exercise time management and problem solving skills.

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